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Process Flip Limited are firm believers in the importance of business process modelling. In the process maturity model, shown below, the transition between stages is achieved only by understanding and defining where you are, how work is achieved and breaking this down to sub-processes and activities.

How does who do what and with what do they do it?

Process mapping does not stand on it's own either. For many years our mantra has been to understand the relationship between the three pillars of an organisation: People, Processes and Technology. Too many consultancy companies focus on just one of these. Improve the people and their motivations and the same errors will occur as the processes will not be affected. Buy in new improved technology, but have unaligned personnel who have not bought in to the strategy and objectives of your organisation and the new investment will be wasted.


Process modelling done right, understands the link between all three of these important pillars, uses tools to model the business right and provides a platform for clear process improvement and an organisation that can flip itself to greater efficiency.

So a project with Process Flip Limited will:

  • Start with mission statements to define the purpose of the organization and describe what sets it apart from others in its sector or industry.
  • We would then, working with the senior management team produce vision statements which define where the organization is going, to provide a clear picture of the desired future position. (This is not always as unified a view as would be expected, but our facilitation enables concensus to be reached)
  • We then build the vision into a clear business strategy thereby deriving the process transformation project objectives.
  • It then becomes important to ensure the people in the equation are onboard by defining behaviours that will enable the organization to achieve its' aims.
  • Time is taken to produce key performance measures to track the progress and measure then desired process change
  • The whole project can be broken down to individual initiatives that will improve performance.

Once these building blocks are in place, the BPR exercise can begin.


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