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This software from 2Conciliate in Sweden enables the user to model a business.

The general approach when modelling flows is to ask the questions Why, What, Who, and How.

WHY does the operation and its processes exist - probably because someone has a requirement or need. So the first thing we must do is to identify the requirements and needs of interested parties. This is done in interested party and Requirements models. Requirements from an interested party are often addressed at the results of the processes and not at how to reach that point.

When the WHAT question is answered and the complete flow from the initial need to the result of the process has been modelled, we look at the competences needed to perform the activities.

Who is often described as roles but sometimes as positions

HOW should we do to meet requirements and needs? Here we need to model process flows that clarify the order of activities, the partial results and HOW each individual activity is performed. What and How is answered using the Process Model. When modelling processes we also identify the competences needed to perform each activity. WHO is then structured in an Organisation model.

Example Process

Take a look at an example process map below. It's fully interactive.

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