When Gartner said a number of years ago that if any organisation documented its business processes it would improve its organisational efficiency by 10% we were surprised and  decided to challenge the claim. We contacted the customers we had at the time and to our surprise their belief was that this was probably on the low side.

Well documented business processes, graphically modelled, and providing process delivery instructions ensures that process are delivered consistently. If every time a service is delivered you do something differently, then you can not  always be the most efficient, lowest cost or provide reliable outcomes.  Just two recent projects types we have worked on provide examples:

  • In times of crisis well documented procedures are vital. Process Flip is working with organisations of all sizes to review their procedure for business continuity and risk management. These procedures are not just there to tick the compliance box but can save an organisation.
  • Organisations that deliver inconsistent processes with poor procedures are open to challenge. We are working with government organisations where having correct policies and procedures that are robust and above scrutiny is vital.

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