Risk Management Seminar

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There are plenty of opportunities to build your business. There is plenty of support to develop your growth plans. So why, as business owners, do we not sleep too well at night? There are risks to running your business but knowing what they are helps planning and ensures safe and sustainable growth.

John Potter from Baffled Fish is an expert on supporting organisations understand risk. In this talk he suggests that the best way to plan for the future is to understand it and embrace it. So he throws away his crystal ball and explains 5 reasons why Key Risk Indicators are a better predictor of the future performance.

Peter Carter of Process Flip will discuss 6 key risks for employers in the employee life cycle. Employing folk is the only way to grow a business, but from the moment they join you to the moment they leave you are you able to see your employees as an asset to your business or a potential tribunal claim?

There will opportunities to network before and after the seminar.

The seminar in in Bebington on Tuesday 31st March at 9.30am.

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